SM Elite is a massive multiplayer online soccer management game with one huge persistent evergreen game world.
It is purely community driven, with true asset ownership and built to last forever.


Community Driven

“built for the fans by the fans”

The released game will be shaped by the users who participated in the beta phase
The names and images of all the clubs and players in the game will be from ‘User Generated Content’, allowing full customization
After the games release it will continue to be community driven because all the code will be open sourced.


True Asset Ownership

“all the games assets such as club shares, player shares and game currency will have real world value”

Built on xaya’s open sourced blockchain gaming platform, enabling full asset ownership.


Open Source

“no game can be truly community driven, ensure real asset ownership and be evergreen if it is not fully open sourced”

All the games code and database will be 100% open sourced for the users to maintain and develop the game as they see fit.
The xaya blockchain gaming platform is also 100% open source.

Nobody can take game assets from anybody or turn the game off – not even us.


Built from Experience

  • SM Elite is a remake of the classic battle proven MMO game, “SM Worlds”, which is over 15 years old, has had millions of users – still attracting them in their thousands.
  • The same team that built SM Worlds built SM Elite.
  • The Xaya blockchain is based on Bitcoin Core and adapted for fully decentralised, autonomous, provably fair and unstoppable.
  • The Xaya team built the world’s first blockchain game, Huntercoin, back in 2013.


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