Hello and Welcome to Soccer Manager Elite.
Congratulations for signing up to the SM Elite beta test.
We’ve noticed that you did not yet make it into the game and we’d like to know why.
If you didn’t know, the Beta is now LIVE. You are able to sign up and get into the game right now. You’ll receive 50,000 SMC (game coins) for free when you claim your pack inside the game. 
If you have trouble doing so, please let us know by asking in the Discord channel or you can even respond to this email.
Please let us know why. Thought it was mobile? Technical Issue? Other?
News and Stats:
  • Today’s match results are now in.
  • There are ~1300 players now in the game
  • 132 Managers
We’ll now also be assigning managers to teams without managers if you request a club in the in game chat or in the Discord support channels.
By competing in the beta there is a potential to earn real money.
In Soccer Manager Elite it’s not just about being a manager, it’s about earning SMC in a way never before seen. SMC can be sold for real £/$ so it is a true play to earn gaming experience.
Thanks for your support and get in the game right now.
The Soccer Manager Elite Team
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