We we have begun selecting players for the upcoming alpha which starts on August 26th.

For the alpha, game matches will take place once per day and run for 1 season, after which there will be a pause and another alpha or beta round will commence.

We will only be selecting a few of the most active Discord members and internal staff for the first round.

Please keep in mind that this is an alpha launch, so it is still missing many features and much more work is to be done. However, we look forward to your feedback.


This is your chance to win 1% shares in a Soccer Manager Elite club!

The Soccer Manager and Xaya teams have partnered up for this competition. In it we’re giving away shares in SME soccer clubs.

The competition is a treasure hunt in Taurion, an MMORPG game from the XAYA team. This release is a pre-alpha tech demo and showcases some of the incredible technological advancements in blockchain.

To win, you must go to Taurion and prospect to find those shares. You can win up to $6400 in cash and up to 50 x 1% of shares in soccer clubs. 

Shares in clubs will most likely be hard to come by later on, so this is a fantastic opportunity to get some for free before they sell out.

To find out more, visit the Taurion competition page here:

Watch the Taurion Trailer Here:


The competition is starting soon, so get in there, find out what it’s about, and join the discussion in Discord and the forums!

Join the SME Discord channel here. —  Join the SME forums here.

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